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It has been a long winter!  All of the kids are so EXCITED to start Spring!  We have been talking about Earth Day, flowers and all things spring!

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Everyone is always asking me how I got started in childcare. Well, here is the story!

During the pregnancy of our 3rd daughter, Lucy, I decided that I wanted to stay home with her and my other two daughters, Grace and Sophia. I love children and decided it was the perfect time to open an in-home licensed daycare.

Now, it has occurred to me that I need to be able to offer more children a safe and loving childcare. That is why I have decided to expand to a daycare center. I love my job and all of the kiddos that comes with it! There isn't a better feeling than watching a young child read their first word, take their first steps, and reaching all of their early childhood accomplishments!

Kid's Quotes

While walking out to their car Aiden was goofing around with his Mom.  He turned around and yelled "I am going to give you grey hairs!!!"

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