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I am reminded everyday how theses kids are soaking in so much information right now!  I wish I could remember things like they do!  Because they are sponges at this age is the reason I love teaching them!  They are all so darn smart!


Delay or closing

If Farmington schools are delayed or closed, so are we.  For the safety of our families and staff we follow the school district policies.  As of 10:00pm Monday night, Farmington has closed their schools.  We will also be closed for the safety of our families and staff.


Why I do what I do..

Five years ago I decided to expand from an in-home center to a larger center.  I did this because I love children and want to spend everyday with them.  People ask if I want to expand as large as my competitors.  To that question I say "No. I want one more center and that is all."  Why??  Because I want to know the name of all the kids that are in my centers.  I want them to know me.  I love teaching and growing young kiddos!  It's that simple.


Joys of Summer!

The kids were telling why they like summer the other day.  They mostly stated how they like to go swimming and ride their bikes.  They of course without my asking stated that they HATE BUGS!  Which I can see why as most of the kids are covered with mosquito bites.



I think the spring curriculum is my favorite!  With learning about plants, flowers, bugs and farm babies.  The kids are very excited for our caterpillars to arrive!

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