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While walking out to their car Aiden was goofing around with his Mom.  He turned around and yelled "I am going to give you grey hairs!!!"


Baby sister

While taking Michael to kindergarten, he says "I want a baby sister!  (he has a little brother) How does my mom get a baby in her?"  I stammered my words a bit and said "You need to ask mommy that question."  LOL!!


Brotherly and Sisterly Love!!

Mallory: "Warren, you're my best buddy!"
Warren: "No, I'm not your buddy! Nooooo!"
Mom: "Warren, why don't you want to be Mallory's buddy?"
Warren: "Because we're brother and sister. That's BETTER than best buddies."


Darn bugs!

Liberty came up to me yesterday and said "Ms. Colleen I don't have any blood left!"  I said "Sure you do.  It is always in you"  She replied back "NO THE MOSQUITOS TOOK IT ALL!!"  LOL!!!


Oh Boy!

Lilly was singing "Twinkle, twinkle little star".  Royal walks up to her when she is done and says "Let me show you how a MAN does it!"  Then he proceeded to sing.  I think this is one of the best kids quotes we've had.

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